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About Project Weather

Spectrum News Project Weather is an interactive educational initiative to help students learn more about the science of Buffalo weather. Guided by our local meteorologists Dan Russell and Kaylee Wendt, we created an activity book for children in elementary school to help explore how weather works and what makes Buffalo weather so unique and remarkable.

The Project Weather Activity Books are great for children in elementary school. We developed this activity book to answer common weather-related questions, and turn them into fun, educational puzzles for the kids. We also added some fun facts about what makes Buffalo’s weather so unique and wonderful! They are given out at schools and weather-related events; additionally, Spectrum News Buffalo viewers can call Spectrum News Buffalo at 716-558-8999 (Option 2) to receive a free copy.

At Spectrum News, we are committed to providing valuable teaching materials and resources to our neighborhood elementary classrooms across Buffalo New York at no cost to the schools. Our Spectrum News meteorologists are available to visit classes during the school year.

To request a Spectrum News school visit, please reach out to

meet our meteorologists

During this difficult time, Spectrum News wants to help children continue to learn in a fun way.

We are launching Project Weather School to help children learn about weather directly from a Spectrum News meteorologist.

Every Wednesday, we will share an interactive weather lesson from one of our weather experts right here.


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Weather Lessons

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