The so-called "ice houses" are drawing attention from all over the area, but Hamburg Emergency Services are now working to ensure structures won't collapse under the weight of the ice. 

Around six homes along Hoover Beach have been completely iced over.

More properties are expected to experience the same fate as winds continue to pick up. 

Hamburg Emergency services Manager Sean Crotty says the weight of the ice has caused some structures to collapse, downed wires and trees. 

Residents in homes that are iced over are encouraged to seek alternative housing. 

"There's a lot of weight that's on these homes," said Crotty. "Secondarily, we have elements of heating that takes place and the process of combustion and carbon monoxide. We have furnaces; if it’s iced over and encapsulated the carbon monoxide will back up into the residences and is fatal." 

Crotty says as the winds die down, temperatures go back up and things begin to thaw out that will create its own set of challenges such as flooding.