A suspended Buffalo police officer has now been acquitted on the last of four charges stemming from incidents between 2010 and 2014.

Corey Krug was acquitted on the three other charges in February, but the jury back then deadlocked on this incident which was caught on video.

The jury spent Tuesday deliberating this case, and asked for testimony to be re-read from two witnesses before coming to their decision: Not guilty.

Corey Krug was on duty on the night before Thanksgiving in 2014.

Video from a WKBW videographer showed Krug using his nightstick to push Devon Ford against a car and to the ground, and then hit his legs several times with the nightstick.

Ford's friend was fighting nearby, and his group was part of another altercation that was broken up by police earlier.

The jury asked for testimony of Bryan Munoz, a witness who said Krug "tackled" Ford while their friends were fighting nearby.

They also asked for the testimony of a former Buffalo police captain who was in charge of new recruit training and in-service training.

He discussed training surrounding when different levels of force can be used.

In the end, the jury found Krug not guilty on both counts of the indictment, deprivation of constitutional rights under color of law, and deprivation of constitutional rights with bodily injury under color of law.

“The stress is over. I just want to try and get back to work, try to rebuild my career, rebuild my reputation. Finally, this nightmare is over with for my entire family,” Krug said.

U.S. Attorney James Kennedy released the following statement:

“We respect the result because it was the product of a fair process designed and undertaken in order to ensure that all people receive equal treatment under the law.  

A jury of Officer Krug’s peers evaluated the evidence, including the video of the incident, and determined that no violation of federal law occurred.”

Spectrum News asked Buffalo Police when Krug will return to active service.

Police spokesman Mike DeGeorge says, "The commissioner is reviewing the situation at this time."