BUFFALO, N.Y. — The 11 Day Power Play is still going strong at Harbor Center.

This year's 11 Day Power Play Community Shift is on the ice through July 3.

Since 2017, the now-annual event has raised millions for cancer research.

A proud participant in the 11 Day Power Play is Spectrum News 1's Kevin Carroll.

We caught up with Kevin while he was on the ice with his team Monday afternoon.

"I keep up with some of [the players], but there are some young talented players who probably skate a little bit more than me and look like they have better stick skills, better stamina, better skating better stamina [and] don't get winded as easy,” Kevin said. “All those things that happen when you get up in middle age."

Kevin says that everyone knows someone who is affected by cancer, and that is exactly why he says he takes part in the event -- to try and put the disease on ice.

Kevin will lace up his skates two more times this week for a three hour shift at Harbor Center on Wednesday and Thursday.