You have probably heard of David Sills before, just might not know exactly why.

While now he is a Bills undrafted free agent wide receiver, Sills first burst onto the national scene at 13 after receiving a scholarship from then USC head coach Lane a quarterback.

"Coach Kiffin saw my highlights on YouTube and said I'll offer that kid, not knowing how old I was at the time," Sills said. "In the video I looked pretty skinny. I was tall, but skinny. I wouldn't have thought I was a high schooler. I don't know if he thought I was or not. Then my quarterback coach at the time told him I was only in seventh grade and he basically said I don't care. I'll offer that kid today and that's kind of how it all came up."

But Sills' QB path coming down during a game his junior year.

"Got my knuckle pinned against my chest, the helmet," Sills remembers as he puts his right hand over his heart. "Just when it was going through the healing process it was a little swelled up and made it a little hard to grip a football because it was sore and everything. Next couple weeks formed a few bad habits that I could just never really break and it kind of altered my throwing motion a little bit. One thing led to another and I could just never get it back to the way it was when I was a younger kid."

The injury paired with Kiffin's firing directed Sills away from USC and to West Virginia. It's there he got his first taste of time at receiver after losing the QB competition. While Sills had success, quarterback was still in his heart, leaving the Mountaineers for El Camino Junior College.

"I wasn't ready to give it up when I was at West Virginia," Sills said. "It was really going to junior college and giving it everything I had and then just realize this isn't god's plan for you. He's got another plan for you and I realized that playing receiver was going to be in my best interest to play on Sundays and play in the NFL and that was really the ultimate goal."

So back to West Virginia Sills went, fully committed to his new position while still using the old one to help the transition.

"I think if I was playing any position I'd look at it like the quarterback looks at it just from growing up and studying the game like a quarterback," Sills said. "It gives me a lot of advantages in playing receiver, looking at it through a quarterback's eyes."

Sills caught on to wide out immediately. His 18 receiving touchdowns as a junior tied for the most in the nation. He followed that up with a Third-Team All-American campaign as a senior. Still, that production not enough to get him drafted. The Bills signed Sills as an undrafted free agent.

Now he is trying to beat the odds to make the team, a position that is not a change.

"I think everything that I've been through has set me up for the position I'm in now and prepared me for this position," Sills said. "I don't regret any of my decisions growing up and I think they really just prepared me and made me learn from what happened and put me in the position I'm in now."

Which is far from where it began about a decade ago.