As the crowds changed daily at Bills training camp, Logan Thomas always had his own cheering section.

As Logan worked on the field, his wife Brandie worked just off of it.

"I love being a mom. To me, I don't think what I do is crazy,” she said. “I don't have a nanny and so many people are like 'Wait, you don't have a nanny?' and I'm like 'No, I like taking care of my kids on my own."

Brandie packed the four Thomas boys— Cameron, 10, Blake, 9, Carter, 8, and Logan Jr, 2 —in the car every day and drove from Buffalo to Pittsford to see dad in action.

"There's days you walk off the field and think 'Man, it was one of those rough ones.' But when you see the kids and my wife it automatically puts a smile on your face. It puts things into perspective,” Logan said.

Logan and Brandie started dating in January of 2015. Over the next year-and-a-half they were engaged, married and welcomed Logan Jr. to the world, rounding out the new Thomas family with Brandie's three boys.

"I don't think they can even remember life without Logan,” she said. “They do call him dad. It's not step-dad. Logan is their dad. It's all that's in their life."

The Bills signed Thomas late in the 2016 season as he was converting from a quarterback to tight end. Nearly a year later, Logan reaching new heights on the field as the family was getting ready to expand off of it with a baby girl due in April 2018.

"Scored my first touchdown after the position switch, so everything was great,” he said. “Everything was moving smoothly. All the hard work that I put in to make the position switch had paid off. Thought I was sitting on cloud nine and then that next day is when everything just started piling up on top of you."

"I don't think you can really put that into words or prepare somebody," she recalled.

On October 24th, 2017, Brandie gave birth to Brooklynn Rose about six months early.

"It wasn't really just an early miscarriage,” she said. “We had to go to the hospital, on the delivery floor. There's babies crying next door. They have the bed already made for the baby and the weighing station and we actually had to give birth to her.

"I've never been more scared in my life. I know what it's like to deliver a baby that I'm going to hold and take home with me, but obviously I don't know what it's like to deliver a baby that I'm not going to be taking home with me, so there's nothing that can prepare you for that. Nothing, nothing at all," Brandie said.



Logan and Brandie spent a few hours with their baby girl before saying goodbye and beginning their grieving process.

"Just seeing her go through it was tough,” Logan said. “I know she didn't want to have to go through something like that. I didn't want to have to go through something like that, but she fights every day. It took a couple months to make it really go away. You didn't have to think about it every day... Got a wristband. Every time I look down and see it it makes me think of her. But, like I said, how strong she was. How powerful she is. It helped me be able to push through pretty easy."

While the months that followed were anything but easy, the Thomas family pushed on and recently announced Brandie's pregnant again. She’s expecting another boy at the end of November.

Still, Brooklynn Rose lives on with her parents with her ashes mixed into the ink of new rose tattoos they had done in her memory and a message to others who may also deal with a similar tragedy.

"We have a good God who takes care of us. We might not know why things happen, but he does,” Logan said. “We were talking about it the other day, we would have been done after Brooklynn, but we would have never met Devin. So you got to look at it in the correct light. You got to look at it in the light. It's for a reason, for a greater reason, so we're thankful for that. Every day's a fight. Every day's a struggle, but having somebody in your corner makes it a whole lot easier."

As the Thomas family continues to blossom with their Rose above.