Now part of the Spectrum News 1 Buffalo team, Viktoria Hallikäär is creating unique experiences with each and every member of her new community, who she says drive her to tell their distinctive stories and help make a difference here in the Queen City.

During her time as a student at Vanderbilt University, Viktoria won multiple awards for her reporting and storytelling. She has worked in both the Southern Tier of New York and Pennsylvania. One of her proudest moments is covering both the Trump and Biden campaigns during the 2020 presidential election in the battleground state of Pennsylvania, serving on the frontlines of informing the community of changes to voting processes, fact-checking rumors about the election and holding officials accountable when issues did come up. 

Viktoria also says she is always looking for plant-based food suggestions or places to hike and swim around the area. An NYC native, Viktoria loves the spots in Buffalo that remind her of home, like the creative murals throughout the city and the Liberty Building. When she isn’t helping to bring the stories of Western New York to life, she can most likely be found exploring the outdoors. 

You can follow her on Twitter or Facebook.