In 2014, Rochester-area developers Jane and Larry Glazer were killed in a plane crash.

That craft was the "Socata T-B-M 900."

It was a design flaw in the plane that caused the couple to pass out from lack of oxygen before crashing into the Caribbean Sea six years ago. 

Larry was at the controls on September 5, 2014 when, about an hour and 40 minutes after departing Rochester for Naples, Florida, the Daher-Socata TBM900 began to not comply with communication from air traffic control. Suspecting hypoxia, or loss of oxygen, F-15s were sent up. The report states both people onboard appeared to be unconscious, and the emergency exit's door was sunk into the fuselage of the plane, indicating a depressurized cabin.

The incident played out on worldwide television as the plane headed out over the sea, through Cuban airspace, where fighter pilots broke off contact, and ended with a crash in the waters near Jamaica.

The NTSB determined that the cabin pressurization system was "prone to unnecessary shutdown;" specifically, an overheat switch activated, cutting off the air supply to the cabin, resulting in a loss of cabin pressure and ultimately, after flying out of fuel since the pilot was passed out, causing it to crash. 

Meanwhile, in Friday's crash that killed attorney Steve Barnes and his niece, that plane was a "Socata T-B-M 700." The plane went down in the area of Boyce Road in the town of Pembroke, near the village of Corfu. The FAA has been investigating the crash at the scene. The NTSB says that these types of investigations are currently taking about 12 to 24 months to complete.