NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. — Neighbors in Niagara Falls are growing angry, and disgusted, with trash piling up outside a home on Whitney Avenue.

However, the home was foreclosed and no one has lived for at least three weeks.

What You Need To Know

  • Tenants of 2722 Whitney Avenue in Niagara Falls moved out 3 to 4 weeks ago

  • Neighbors in area of Whitney say old furniture, TVs, and other garbage keeps getting dumped on top of old garbage at the empty property

  • Global Choice Realty says they now own the property, but they aren't the ones dumping the extra garbage

Old mattresses, broken furniture, and even a used litter box.

"All the garbage, garbage just laying all around," said Thomas Spina, motioning to the garbage in the alley between Whitney and Pierce Avenues. "Like the tires here, like this TV, who’s gonna pick this up?

“One big dump” - that’s what Thomas Spina calls it. His garage is right in front of the mess on 2722 Whitney Avenue in the City of Niagara Falls. The house is empty; foreclosed, the people moved out 3-4 weeks ago.

However, he’s seen a man put more trash on the growing heap.

"He has a trailer connected to the back of the truck and it’s loaded with stuff. He will take it and dump it into a big pile," added Spina.

Wendi Wilson Dussett lives next door to the Whitney Avenue home.

She’s called the City of Niagara Falls numerous times on the smell and over 500 syringes lying around.

"They have the address, they got multiple calls from other neighbors, they’ll be on it and send somebody out. I haven’t seen anybody," said Wilson Dussett.

But she has seen people from Global Choice Realty who are the property owners.

Despite seeing them mow the lawn, Wilson Dussett says they haven’t done anything to remove the trash.

"We went out to the property and cleaned it inside and out. Even had to use dumpsters," explained Joe Feraci.

Spectrum News spoke to Feraci, the broker for Global Choice Realty. He says that the previous tenants were hoarders. He says the items left are not from them. He also says a police report has been filed and the city will move the items.

"Someone is using our property as a dumping ground," Feraci said.

As for a timeline on when the garbage will be cleaned up, and if it will be cleaned up by the city or Global Choice Realty, is unanswered for now.

Spectrum News reached out to the City of Niagara Falls and DPW for further clarification as to when the garbage would be moved and is waiting to hear back.