New York’s ban on flavored e-cigarette products will now include menthol, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office announced Thursday.

Cuomo accepted the recommendation of Health Commissioner Howard Zucker that the ban be expanded, a move that was previously backed by anti-smoking and tobacco use advocates.

“It is clear that vape and e-cigarette companies are using flavors to get young people hooked on their products, and in New York we have taken several actions to put an end to this marketing tactic,” Cuomo said.

“In addition to the ban on flavored e-cigarettes already in place and after a thorough evaluation, Commissioner Zucker has recommended a ban on menthol flavored e-cigarettes – I am accepting his recommendation and directing him to hold an emergency meeting to adopt this additional ban at the earliest practicable date. We can’t sit back and wait for the federal government to take action while a whole new generation becomes addicted to nicotine, and this ban on the sale of menthol flavors further enhances our efforts to protect young people from forming dangerous lifelong habits.”

Zucker in a statement said support for adding menthol to the ban was done after “careful consideration” and research.

Anti-tobacco advocates had raised concerns with the initial ban framework for not including menthol.

It’s the latest escalation in the push against flavored tobacco and vaping products by Cuomo, who plans to back a measure next year to bar advertising of vaping products aimed at kids.

Cuomo also plans to hold a region-wide summit with fellow governors from states that border New York to discuss common vaping and marijuana policies, which the New York Democrat says are linked.

The flavored e-cigarette ban is set to take effect on Oct. 4.