His opponent isn't conceding but Congressman Chris Collins said he's confident he's won re-election in New York's 27th Congressional District.
"We've looked at who requested the absentees," he said. "Significantly more Republicans requested absentees, so we expect, when the dust settles, I will pick up 100 or 200 votes."

Collins isn't looking back nor is he looking too far ahead. He's still facing federal charges related to insider trading which brought the state's most Republican-leaning congressional district into play for Democrats in the first place.

"This is all set in stone," Collins said. "I mean, it is what it is. For court scheduling reasons it's not until 2020. There's not a whole lot more to do other than stick it on the shelf for the next 15 months."

The congressman said he plans to win back the support of constituents he's lost by serving effectively. He said the legal proceedings won't get in the way of that but admits he'll face a new challenge come January.

"Everything flips upside down, as far as the House goes," Collins said. "The Democrats will chair all 21 committees. They will control the legislative agenda, the rules committee, the amendment process.

He believes if Democrats wage war on the Trump administration and the GOP, there will be gridlock for the next two years.

"They won't get anything done,” he said. “Their slim majority, they would probably never get an appropriations bill, a budget or anything like that passed because they have a lot of new members who don't want to be on a war footing."

Collins believes Nancy Pelosi will be House Speaker although "it's not a given." He is supporting California Representative Kevin McCarthy for minority leader.    

"He's done a wonderful job as our majority leader," he said. "I'm personal good friends with Kevin. In fact, I was on the phone with him two minutes before you walked in and he's just the right person."

Current Speaker Paul Ryan removed the congressman from all committee assignments following the indictment. Collins said he asked McCarthy Thursday to assign him to Energy and Commerce if he leads the conference.