ALBANY, N.Y. — Assembly Democrats are supportive of hiking taxes on the wealthy, but would want the money to be spent on a variety of facets in the state budget, not solely for mass transit in New York City, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie said.

Taxing the wealthy in New York City is once again part of a discussion for bolstering the ailing New York City subway system, a move that’s unlikely to take place this legislative session considering opposition in the state Senate.

However, while Democrats in the Assembly would be supportive of more revenue, they would want to see a broad application of the new money.

“The members in our conference we do support a millionaires tax, but where to spend it, to lock it in to a specific revenue, I’m not sure if members want to do that,” Heastie said Monday. “There’s a lot of needs, including the MTA, education, health care. So we would like to see an increase in the millionaires tax and the receipts to be able to use across the board.”

He added, “To earmark a certain amount or a certain percentage kind of locks you into that and we would like to take care of all our priorities.”

A plan backed by Democratic gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon would tax the rich, develop a congestion pricing plan and create a pollution tax that would raise revenue for transit in New York City.

Increasing taxes on higher income New Yorkers across the state has been done several times in recent years in order to make up state budget shortfalls.