New York state leaders on Tuesday were urged by a coalition of more than 100 campus and community organizations to back a measure that would expand early voting sites to include college campuses and require campus be locations for polling sites. 

The push comes a half century after the passage of the 26th amendment that lowered the voting age in the U.S. to 18. 

"Voting is a habit that must be supported in the early years of eligibility, which typically coincides with college years," said Olga Filakouris, program coordinator with NYPIRG. "Students study, socialize, engage in civic life, and often live on their college campus already -- it’s a no-brainer that New York should allow students to vote on their campus."

Supporters of the legislation argue the bill promotes student access to the polls, affecting communities with election districts where there are at least 300 active voters on campus.

The backers of the bill point to Florida as a test case. The state hosted early vointg sites on college campuses in 2018 and saw large turnout from younger voters.