Gov. Andrew Cuomo's spending plan wants to avoid both spending cuts and tax hikes — while also making sure key areas are covered. 

"This budget every area gets more," Cuomo said.

The $178 billion budget includes an $826 million increase in education spending and moves to ban flavored vaping products while legalizing marijuana. On education, Cuomo said his proposal will divert spending to high-needs schools in poor areas of New York. 

"Education is the civil rights issue of our day. Yes," he said. "And that's the civil rights injustice of our day."

When it comes to your property taxes, Cuomo wants local governments to reduce the cost of managing the Medicaid program and control spending on the local level. He says right now local governments don't have incentive to do so. 

"That's the blank check syndrome," Cuomo said. "We are signing the check and they are filling out the amount."

For taxes overall, Cuomo wants to cut small business taxes and move forward with an income tax cut for middle earners. He's filling the budget gap without new taxes or fiscal tricks. 

"This is not the time to come up with creative although irresponsible revenue sources to solve a problem that doesn't really exist," he said.

The budget is due to pass by March 31.