With August being National Black Business Month, we're learning about the support local Black businesses receive from The Exchange at Beverly Gray, which includes four events organized by the non-profit that highlight Black entrepreneurs in the area.

The Exchange at Beverly Gray is an incubator and co-working space, a resource hub for BIPOC entrepreneurs and business owners in Buffalo.



Executive Director Derrick Parsons says Black Business Month highlights Black businesses throughout the city and nationwide. The organization will hold four panel discussions throughout the month to give a broad view of businesses that BIPOC entrepreneurs and business owners are in. Topics include real estate, credit and more.

“What we want is two-fold – we want entrepreneurs who are to the new, new to the journey, to hear these stories, to hear these discussions from people who have been proven,” Parsons said. “And don’t just stick with those who have been in the game for years, we want those who maybe started 2-3 years ago or maybe recently to give their trails, give their tribulations, and their successes and things of that nature. It’s important to do that so all of those people that attend they get a good view and a good understanding of whether they want to jump into this industry or whether something else is for them.”

To learn more about the events, head to the exchange at theexchangeatbeverlygray.org.