​​​​BUFFALO, N.Y. — ​The Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum is opening its doors for the season this weekend.

On April 1, visitors can enjoy Superhero Day at the museum, which will be open 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. with 10 fun superhero-themed activities, including a Hulk wall that kids can take part in. The museum itself has two functioning carousels, and the museum covers all amusement that was manufactured in Western New York.

"We're really excited to have people to come back and be able to see some of the new things we're doing this year,” Ian Seppala, Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum executive director, said. “We have four new interactive exhibits and displays for people and a new exhibit on how we're restoring [the] carousel and we're just able to give people a more inside look this year and changed out some of the horses and things so people can see some stuff they haven't seen in a while.”

For more information, head to http://www.carrouselmuseum.org.