HOLDEN, Mass. - Some Holden residents had a special visitor Sunday afternoon -- a moose was on the loose.

MassWildlife described it as an adult female moose. She was found in the area near the Mayo Elementary School. They say she was around 300 to 400 pounds. MassWildlife was able to tranquilize her and bring her to a safer location.

The moose is quite the celebrity in town though, and it's not the first time she has been seen. MassWildlife says the moose has been in the area for quite a while.

"We've been tracking her whereabouts for about six months," said Martin Feehan, a deer and moose biologist for Mass Wildlife. "She has been within Holden since at least August. But she has been in this neighborhood now for about three months. What we end up doing with these, in urban locations for both human safety as well as for the moose safety, we'll move them to a more natural location. So she'll be moved about 30 miles of this area."

MassWildlife, environmental police and the Holden Police Department helped chase down the moose Sunday afternoon. They say she's in perfect health and should be fine.