BUFFALO, N.Y. —  Last month’s mass shooting at a Buffalo Tops supermarket has ignited change in New York state and sparked conversation in local communities.

Racism, gun reform, white supremacy and mental health were all up for debate this weekend as Spectrum News 1 hosted a town hall in Buffalo.

"We want our communities to be resilient,” community activist and public speaker Duncan Kirkwood said. “We want them to be strong and bounce back. That means we're saying to people 'get used to being abused. Get used to being oppressed and learn how to survive it.’ Like we're teaching victims of oppression how to survive oppression. As opposed to fighting white supremacy, fighting oppression."

You can watch the entire special this Tuesday evening.

"Hope and Healing: One Month After the Buffalo Tragedy" airs at 8 p.m. It will also re-air at the same time on Saturday, June 18.