NORTH TONAWANDA, N.Y. — The Herschell Carrousel Factory and Museum is open for the season and it's showing off the hidden history behind the amazing horses.

They are restoring those magical hand-carved creations right in Western New York.

For almost 40 years, they’ve been crafting and carving these timeless works of art. You watch them come to life and try your hand at it too.

Fifty percent of American wooden carousels are made right in North Tonawanda and the carrousel museum is working hard to keep that tradition alive.

Restoring wooden creations from as far back as the 1800s, you can come take a walk through history and get a glimpse of the year-long process.  

Visitors can sign up for a class to learn how to create one of the miniature horses or take the kids to Kiddieland where there's a fun-size merry-go-round and games. You can also hop on a custom wooden carousel from 1916.

Organizers say they are grateful for every visitor because it helps them keep this important part of history alive.   

“Well, that's the reason why we're here," said Executive Director Ian Seppala. "So restoring these things, it's a matter of pride for the Western New York community, and having children be able to ride things that someone maybe even their grandparents were producing is a really amazing feeling.”

The museum is open Wednesday - Sunday. For more information, click here.