The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is doling out more than $2 million to restore and preserve a section of Cayuga Creek.

The funding will allow Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper to lead protection efforts at a forested wetland site south of the Niagara Falls International Airport and Air Reserve Station on Porter Road.

They plan to create a 36-acre nature preserve that’s able to support a variety of plants and animals.

"The restoration and transformation of this land and creek ecosystem will not only help alleviate pressures from flooding, but also restore this natural space as a healthier waterway for all in Niagara County to enjoy," said Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper Executive Director Jill Jedlicka. "Like the other projects in Waterkeeper’s successful track record of restoration, this came together through years of cooperative efforts with the Town of Niagara as well as private and non-profit partners, for the benefit of the community. We are excited that the collaboration with the Town of Niagara and numerous funding partners has endured over the years and we are finally able to provide a win for both the environment and the people who live and recreate here."

Organizers hope to reverse some water pollution damage, as well as flooding issues.

"The importance of this project cannot be overstated," Town of Niagara Supervisor Lee Wallace stated. "The Town of Niagara residents who live in that neighborhood and surrounding area have had to deal with flooding issues since the 1960s, affecting their quality of life, which is unacceptable. It is our hope that this project will help to minimize flooding in the future."