About 46% of crashes involving bad weather take place in the winter. That’s why AAA is offering advice to stay safe during this winter driving season.

AAA of Western New York and Central New York says you should get up to speed slowly and carefully. Make sure to put some extra distance between you and the vehicles ahead of you so you can slow down gradually.

When it’s time to break, apply firm and steady pressure to the pedal.

And when you need to drive up an icy hill, get your vehicle moving on a flat surface and keep a steady pace. Don’t power up the slope, which could spin your wheels, or try to stop.

“AAA’s motto is ‘go slow on ice and snow,’ on snowy and icy conditions to give you the ability to control the vehicle,” said Elizabeth Carey, AAA WCNY's director of public relations and corporate communications.

The agency also recommends keeping an emergency kit in your vehicle with a cell phone charger, blanket and jumper cables.