Police reform is a hot topic, and the race for Erie County Sheriff is just getting started. Three of the six candidates got together Monday night to discuss a range of issues.

Democratic candidates Myles Carter, Kimberly Beaty and Brian Gould took the stage in Buffalo to discuss consolidating prisons, safety practices and officer accountability.

All three candidates say they're against the practice of solitary confinement and they want more resources for those with mental health and substance abuse issues.

The overall message was one of reform and rehabilitation.

“We need to make sure our plans, an plan that this community brings together to consolidate these facilities does guarantee those things go on. We need to focus on what is causing behaviors that cause people to be in our facilities and correct those behaviors,” Brian Gould said.

“Not only will the officers be required to report instances of misconduct, they will also be held liable if they fail to report that misconduct,” Myles Carter said.

“We improve morale by providing training, training where they can be certified, and they have resources to receive help. So we need to have de-escalation training to prevent injuries and prevent death,” Kimberly Beaty said.

Spectrum News 1 reporter Brandon Lewis emceed the candidate’s forum.

Steve Felano, Karen Healy-Case and John Garcia are also running for the Sheriff's Office this year.