Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz's emergency powers are staying intact for now.

County Legislators Joe Lorigo, Chris Greene, Frank Todaro, and John Mills motioned to vote on their resolution Thursday, revoking some of those powers.

The push came before the county is expected to receive $178 million in COVID-19 relief funds from the federal government.

The minority caucus stated it wanted to restore a system of checks and balances after relinquishing power.

The Democratic majority voted down the measure via a seven to four vote.

"It is extremely unfortunate that some of my colleagues across the aisle feel that they we’re not capable of doing their job. They were not capable of having oversight and they were not able to lead their constituency or the community through the crisis like so many county leaders did," Erie County Legislature Chairwoman April Baskin said.

This motion will be headed to the financial committee next for discussions.