"We always tell people, come for the view, stay for the food," says Emrah Yesil, Buffalo Marriott Food and Beverage Manager.

Many couples want Valentine’s Day to be special, and many restaurants, like Buffalo’s Panorama on Seven, have been working for months to give those couples a special experience.

"I think of it as a social media and marketing strategy. We have to get ahead of this a couple of months in advance. We’re getting the menu ready in the beginning of January, getting together packages that we want to give to all of the guests, so working on all of that for the last couple of months, and making sure that everyone who comes here today is happy," explains Jennifer Viterise from Panorama on Seven.

Despite the fact that there are safety precautions in place because of the pandemic, including reduced diners, hand sanitizers, and tables set six feet apart, those working at Panorama on Seven say that the Valentine’s Day demand is still high. 

In addition to giving people a wonderful experience, executives at Panorama on Seven are working to help support local businesses during the pandemic.

"We want to make sure that we do our own things here, but as well making the community a part of it. Just supporting local, making sure that we’re all a team together, because that’s what Buffalo is all about," says Viterise.

"We try and use as many local products as we can. Even this hand sanitizer, the bottle is local. And Niagara Print did it for us," adds Yesil.

With the philosophy that supporting each other is the best way to successfully get through the pandemic.