Buffalo is the land of the chicken wings, pizza, and Wegmans. But, between the endless shelves of our Buffalo favorites, Sharon Cryan, the founder and CEO of Food Nerd, saw something missing.

"I was actually an in-house council for a real estate development firm on Long Island," Cryan said. "Right after I passed the bar and got into the practice everybody felt like garbage after lunch," Cryan said.

Everyone except for her was feeling that way. Cryan was eating right. It became her mission to help others do the same.

Fast forward a few years, and Food Nerd has Overnights, and the newest product, SeeReal.

"Our mission is to make the cleanest, most raw food, and put it in a form that isn't only accessible, but affordable to everybody," Cryan smiled under her mask.

It all starts with a seed, then once it’s three days old, step two gets underway.

"All the compounds, minerals, vitamins, enzymes start to active and it makes it more bioavailable to us, and it also can increase the nutrients up to 250%,” she said.

What you see is what you get in terms of ingredients. It's really this simple.

If you are wondering what sulforaphane is, Cryan explains.

"Sulforaphane was actually discovered by Johns Hopkins about four decades ago, and it's the most potent anti-cancerous compound found," Cryan explained. 

Cryan says right now, Food Nerd is the first company to have it in a food product. Currently, they are in the first steps that will result in clinical trials on the benefits of sulforaphane.

"I really believe that's the future of food," Cryan said. "You know, I want to eat this specific food for this biological goal."

Now, she hopes to feel that Buffalove.

If you want to get your hands on these products, it's a New Year, and a new you. They are available on Food Nerd's website and in February they'll be on Amazon.