TONAWANDA, N.Y. — There's a lot of hope and concern surround the COVID-19 vaccine.

Cheyenne Covey, a mom from Tonawanda, isn't for it.

"I don't like the idea of making my kid a guinea pig. Vaccines take years to develop whereas this one is happening too fast," said Covey.

A bill proposed in the New York State Assembly by Democratic Assembly member Linda Rosenthal would make the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory in "certain situations."

The proposed bill states, if people in New York are not developing sufficient immunity from COVID-19, when vaccine distribution starts, the vaccine would be mandatory for those who can safely receive it.

However, anyone who has received a medical exemption from a licensed medical professional would not be mandated to get the vaccine.

"My advice would be to get this vaccine," said Dr. Khurrum Sanaullah, a local pediatrician.

Dr. Sanaullah says the vaccine is needed because we don't have a huge defense to beat this pandemic.

"There are a lot of kids that are COVID-19 positive. Most of the kids are not having severe cases of COVID compared to adults, but they are getting the COVID," said Dr. Sanaullah.

We know the phrase "Mother Knows Best" — but what about when it comes to COVID-19?

"I don't think New York should decide what's OK for us to do for our kids and what's not," said Covey.

She’s not the only parent in New York state thinking that. On the "Mommies & Babies of WNY" Facebook page, comments ranged. One mom said she's for the vaccine and will get it when available. She added, “If deemed appropriate by the next administration scientist, I will give it to my kid.”

Whereas another commented, "I vaccinate my daughter and myself when needed, but won't get this one right away because it's too new still."

Some moms even said if the vaccine becomes mandatory, they'd move out of state.

"There's so much in New York scaring people out of the state and I think [the vaccine’s] number one on the list," added Covey.