BUFFALO, N.Y. — ​Buffalo Public Schools’ Superintendent will lead the district for two more years.

The school board voted unanimously to extend Dr. Kriner Cash’s contract Tuesday night.

It was supposed to expire this coming June, but now goes until June 20, 2023.

Cash has been the superintendent since 2015.

The Buffalo Parent-Teacher Organization released a statement Wednesday giving the contract extension their full support. 

"Members of the Executive Board of the Buffalo Parent-Teacher Organization strongly support this decision. Dr. Cash has provided steady, calm, research- and science-focused leadership to the Buffalo Public Schools. The COVID-19 pandemic is impossibly difficult, and those who are having to make decisions about schools, the superintendents, the boards of education, are doing some of the hardest decision-making of their lives. We are very grateful for our Superintendent's thoughtful approach, his focus on the science, and his willingness to listen to health experts. The way that we are going to make it through the pandemic most successfully is by using science to guide our decisions, and by seeing the best in each other, and building each other up…With the renewal of Dr. Cash's contract until 2023, we will be able to keep our focus where it needs to be: on our students."