BUFFALO, N.Y. — Walking down the streets of Buffalo, Common Owner President Maggie Hamilton Winship reflects on her time during the coronavirus pandemic shutdown.

What You Need To Know

  • Common Owner is a crowdfunding portal
  • It works to bring together investors and developers 
  • To learn more, visit CommonOwner.com

“I had two pandemic babies, really. I had my son in April and we launched Common Owner this summer in Western New York, where you have a support system and a good quality of life to be able to pull that off,” says Winship.

Common Owner is a crowdfunding portal working to bring investors and developers under one domain, with the plan of featuring two different platforms, one for accredited investors and the other for anyone who wants to invest. The site is celebrating a recent milestone. 

“We are very excited because last week, we got our approval from the financial regulating entity and we are now one of 58 crowdfunding portals in the United States,” adds Winship.

Crowdfunding is an alternative way to raise capital. 

“You might have family that will invest in your business and you might be able to go to a traditional bank, but crowdfunding is a legal way to raise money from more than just one or two close friends or family members,” explains Winship.

This site can be utilized anywhere in the country, but ultimately it’s seen as a benefit in smaller markets as an opportunity for businesses and real estate professionals to find capital in Western New York.

To learn more, visit CommonOwner.com.