Teaming up to give Scajaquada Creek a healthier environmental footprint. 

Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper and volunteers came together Saturday on World Cleanup Day for the event. 

There were multiple cleanup sites, both in the water and on shore. 

The clean-up is part of Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper's Scajaquada September, highlighting one of the area's iconic and most impaired waterways and a vision for its restoration.

“We need to protect these natural resources for all communities to enjoy. The creek has been burdened by an expressway built over top of it, a mall built over top of it, it's tunneled in some locations. It's had a lot of devastation so anything we can do to rally the community to make this waterway better and improve it — that's what we're hoping to inspire in everyone today,” said Elizabeth Cute, Buffalo Waterkeeper community engagement manager.

There were about seven to 10 cleanup sites across the creek for the event.