Shelters around the Queen City are opening up their doors for the first time since having to shut down due to the pandemic. Little Portion Friary is just one of many that is in need of volunteers to be able to support their community.

What You Need To Know

  • Shelters are in desperate need of volunteers
  • Little Portion Friary opened this week
  • One former guest of the shelter decided to go back and lend a hand after hearing the cry for help

Orange lines lay six feet apart across the pavement at the front door of Little Portion Friary. After opening up their doors for the first time in months they're in need of some help.

"We operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we're totally staffed by volunteers," said Michael DelMonte, the president of the shelter.

The shelter says the pandemic chipped away at their volunteers which is why they were forced to shut down back in March.

"We were closed because of the lack of help, the majority of our volunteers were in that vulnerable age range that we were being cautioned about back in March," DelMonte said.

One former guest of the shelter who did not want to be identified says when he got the news that they needed help he didn't think twice. He wanted to give back to the people who helped him get back on his feet during the pandemic.

"I love the work, I like to stay busy and do my volunteer work. It really does help keep me busy along with my full-time job that I work now and also maintain my residence,” he said.

Some of the jobs the shelter needs help with are things like office work, sorting donations, cleaning, and more. For anyone that may not feel comfortable working too close to others, there are things for you to do too.

"We have other supportive services that they can participate in when the guests are not even in the building," DelMonte added.

The president says during their time shut down they were able to make the necessary changes to keep everyone safe and healthy — all they need now is the help to maintain it.