When it comes to child abuse, the families of victims are often left with so many questions: How did this happen? How was the abuser not caught?

A local group is trying to answer some of those questions in hopes of preventing more abuse in the community.

The Buffalo Survivors Group led a discussion about the trauma of child abuse Wednesday night. It was in response to the case of Paul Gaeda, a youth leader in Buffalo's Lovejoy community, who is accused of abusing young boys in the 1980s and '90s.

The Survivors Group says only 7 percent of child abusers are strangers. That means most are known to the child.

Often, that person inserts themselves in a professional role that gives them access, opportunity, and trust with the child.

"They're skilled at understanding who comes from broken homes, who are lonely, getting bullied, need a friend. They’re skilled at that process," the group said.

The Buffalo Survivors Group works to advocate, support and educate survivors of childhood and adult sexual abuse.