Buffalo Public Schools has announced there will be a change in leadership at McKinley High School.

After four years, Dr. Marck Abraham is leaving his post as principal.

Abraham is credited with helping the school achieve its highest graduation rate in decades at 87 percent.

"You have to create a system within a school where kids feel appreciated and valued," said Dr. Abraham.  

He's leaving a successful chapter at McKinley to share that system nationwide. Dr. Abraham is branching out as the CEO of his own consulting firm, which provides solutions for underperforming schools.

"If Black children are not receiving high school diplomas, they are ending up dead or in prison," adds Dr. Abraham.

In a statement, Superintendent Dr. Kriner Cash calls Dr. Abraham a rare talent and says he looks forward to continue mentoring him. Cash adds Dr. Abraham "brought high energy and high expectations to every aspect of his work as high school principal. He leaves the school in "Good Standing" accountability status.

Dr. Abraham says there’s no time better than now to make this change after seeing students of color struggle amid the coronavirus pandemic. He says distance learning proved to be unsuccessful especially in communities that are lacking in digital infrastructure.

"I want to follow my heart and follow my dreams of seeing more kids be successful around the country,” he said.