You've heard about the Tooth Fairy, but what about the Wine Fairy?

Wine Fairies have been popping up all over Western New York to spread some cheer — or spirits — during the coronavirus pandemic.

What You Need To Know

  • Women surprising other Erie County women with wine/other gifts
  • Buffalo "Rona" Wine Fairies is a women-only group
  • They have more than 1,000 members and gifted over 225 people 

"It's basically giving stuff to strangers," said Nevada Burch, the creator of ‘Buffalo Rona Wine Fairies.’ "Everybody posts on the Facebook page and asks for wine or says, ‘Hey I'm giving out wine’ and they get delivered to strangers.”

It’s a different take on fairies, to say the least.

The "girls-only" group leaves a bottle of wine — and some other goodies — at the door of some local women as a fun, secret surprise.

"We actually have a thousand members and gifted over 225 people," she said.

Burch started the group a month ago. Mostly, the gifts are out-of-pocket, but they do accept donations. In fact, she got a little help from Cordially Yours Wine and Liquors after she was seen in the store quite often.

"The cashier was like, ‘You go through a lot of wine;’ I told her what it was for and she said, ‘Tell all of your fairies and I’ll give them all a discount,’" said Burch.

"A few days ago my fiancé went out and I got a message that said, ‘Knock, knock, we’re at your door,’ and I'm like, ‘I'm not home!’" said Rosemarie Anspake, of Buffalo.

Anspake just got a visit from the Wine Fairy. After joining the Facebook group, she posted how her wedding in June was postponed to June 2021 due to coronavirus. Then a Wine Fairy did her magic.

"I come home and it’s this gigantic bridal bag that says ‘love’ on it. I felt so loved and honored that I haven't stopped smiling since then," she said.

So now you know: there are fairies all around you — but do they wear wings?

"No, no," laughed Burch. "I drive a Prius."

To join or donate to the Buffalo "Rona" Wine Fairies, click here.