On her 11th birthday, Alanna 'Ally' Bell says she didn't want to let her recent diagnosis with Bell's Palsy keep her from making others smile.

Guests of Bell's quarantine party came by car and by foot to fulfill the fifth-grader's birthday wish for people to drop off canned goods benefiting Feedmore WNY. Ally says her act of kindness was inspired by a sermon.

"We were watching church one day and they were talking about humility," said Bell. "Putting others before yourself."

Around a month ago, Ally was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy, a type of facial paralysis. The rare condition is temporary and affects approximately 40,000 Americans each year, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders.

Ally's mother, Dalphne, says she's proud of her daughter's resilience despite the diagnosis and the COVID-19 pandemic. She also not able to have a traditional party with extended family, friends, and classmates.

"She's always wanted to give back," said Dalphne Bell.

Giving back is something the Bell family says is necessary, especially now.

"At a time when you’re so worried about what could happen in the next upcoming days, to focus on the present and focus on the current, and people who are in need of food, that is what we chose to do," added Dalphne.

The fifth-grader hopes her selfless gesture will lift another person's spirit, especially if they going through a rough time.

"Just giving to other people kind of makes me smile, even though I cannot smile, I just want to make other people smile," said Alanna.