For Robert Wagner, a usual stroll around the campus of Hospice Buffalo is to enjoy the scenery and flowers. Only on Tuesday, his nurse Bethany Varney wanted to create a special moment.

"A pony?!," said Robert Wagner after meeting a warmblood named Allure for the first time.

"I had a pony come see you," Varney explained.

Just hours before, Varney and Wagner had a conversation about his love for horses. Varney and Hospice Buffalo along with the help of People's Inc. affiliate Lothlorien Therapeutic Riding Center set up the meeting for the grandfather of four.

"It is scary during this time for the elderly and already compromised," added Varney. “So I thought it would be something to take away all of this craziness."

It was a welcome surprise for Robert who first fell in love with horses in his youth. Now at 81 years old, he's says that bond still makes him feel like a kid inside.

Maggie Keller, the executive director of the Lothlorien Therapeutic Riding Center, often makes visits to facilities around Western New York to help calm the nerves of patients just like Robert. Based on his reaction, the therapy session worked.

"I've never had this happen in my whole life," added Wagner.