People in Lackawanna are raising concerns about a parking situation outside of a mosque in the city.

Homeowners packed city hall last night to discuss their issues.

The mosque sits at the intersection of Wilksbarre and Washington streets.

Those who live on Washington Street and other side streets say it's become an inconvenience, especially when people park in front of driveways or make it difficult for emergency crews to get through.

Members of the Lackawanna Islamic Mosque argue the streets are usually clear and that when they are blocked it's for a short amount of time.

"The concern is why is it only applied to the mosque and not to all other religious organizations,” asked Anwar Alkalai. “We're not asking for everybody to be ticketed all we're asking is for the council to understand the need of the community."

"You can't see around the corners, they don't respect the fire hydrant, their cars are around the corners, they park in front of my driveway,” said Tammie Scruggs. “We try to tell people, we call the police. Nothing happens."

So far no action has been taken to resolve the issue.

The council is working on a solution.

Police say they will continue to enforce the no parking rule on either side of the street during certain hours.