Thinking Robots, Inc., a Canadian-based 3D imaging and medical implant manufacturing company, announced that it's expanding into Buffalo with a multimillion dollar investment.

The new facility will sit on the last 22 acres of available land at Buffalo Lakeside Commerce Park.

The company has been working for two years to bring the project to light.

CEO Gregg Gellman says now, "The robots are coming.”

The company signed a land sale agreement with the Buffalo Urban Development Corporation. The total purchase price is $935,000.

TRS is a one-stop shop imaging facility where patients can come and get an MRI and a customized orthopedic implant is produced using a 3D printer.

The product is usually shipped within 72 hours.

For clients outside of the area, the service can be used remotely. Images can be sent to the company and made for patients' specific needs for bone and joint reconstruction.

Gellman is also a native Buffalonian and says the advanced manufacturing facility should produce more than 700 jobs over a seven-year period.

"My goal is to recruit people back who left Buffalo and also to align with local universities so that we can groom students to be employees in our companies by helping them graduate using our technology and machinery and site as a center of excellence, so that when they graduate they have a job,” he said.

The project will go before the Erie County Industrial Development Agency.

The company plans to break ground in 2020.