Elon Musk said the launch of Tesla's latest solar project will debut in Buffalo. 

The company's V3 Solar Glass Roof will be produced in the Queen City. During a conference call, Musk said the roof tiles will be long lasting, look good and cost less. The cost of the V3 solar glass will be cheaper than re-installing a roof and adding on solar tiles.

Tesla also increased the size of the tile, power density and reduced the number of parts to assemble it. 

Musk said he's impressed with the local factory.

"Our factory in Buffalo where people have been working really hard. We note our appreciation for our team there," Musk added. "They've really been putting in a huge effort to ramp up production of the solar glass roof and I was pretty impressed when I visited."

Tesla intends to open the sale of these solar tiles for general roofing contractors.