On Friday, officials unveiled plans for a new sports entertainment center on Ganson Street, a unique complex with a $30 million price tag.

The OnCore Buffalo facility will be located at Kelly Island, along the Buffalo River.

The complex will feature a fully-integrated hotel and year-round participation with a three-tiered golf driving range. Every hitting bay will offer shot analysis with club and ball data. Additionally, customers can record their swings and receive feedback in real time.

There are also opportunities for non-golfers, with augmented- and mixed-reality experiences. 

“Our goal is to be closer to the center of the city which is where people are migrating to,” said Spot On Ventures President Doug Swift. “Being able to put something like this, of this scale, in an urban environment is pretty unique."

In addition to golf opportunities, OnCore Buffalo is brainstorming additional sports options. These could include skateboarding, surfing, baseball, hockey, and more.

The company is anticipating creating between 400 and 500 jobs for the complex. Completion is slated for 2021.