Cardinal Timothy Dolan continues to keep a watchful eye on the Diocese of Buffalo and the repeated calls for Bishop Richard Malone to resign.

  • The move is in response to the clergy sex abuse crisis
  • There’s an internal petition within the clergy to ask Bishop Malone to resign
  • There's also an online petition calling for Bishop Malone to step down

An Archdiocese of New York spokesman tells Spectrum News that Cardinal Dolan has been following the situation very closely and has been consulting extensively. They would anticipate something in the near future regarding this matter.

While the Archdiocese wouldn't elaborate, it comes at a time when clergy spent the weekend discussing the Bishop's handling of the clergy sex abuse crisis and encouraged parishioners to make their voices heard.

Father Jack Ledwon, the leader of St. Joseph University Parish, renewed his call Sunday for Bishop Malone to step down, yet urged his parishioners to use their own voice and decide for themselves.

"Every day we hear from people whose faith is shaken, who are angry, who are scandalized, who are frustrated. Many say they are considering leaving the Church, or they've decided they can no longer be part of the Church that seems to be coming apart at the seams," said Ledwon.

Father Robert Zilliox of St. Mary's circulated an internal petition Friday to his fellow colleagues looking to support his call for Bishop Malone to step aside.

With about 280 clergymen in the Diocese, Zilliox tells Spectrum News the response has been slow, with the exception of Father Dennis Mende in Jamestown who has signed the letter in addition to Father Jack.

"The events of the past few weeks have intensified the crisis in the Diocese of Buffalo to the boiling point. Just when it seems things can't get any worse, they do," said Ledwon.

Then there's a petition from the People of the Diocese of Buffalo requesting the immediate resignation of the Bishop as well.

In response to our request for comment, leaders with the Diocese said, “We acknowledge that the Bishop has been in regular contact with the Cardinal and they are working together to address the issues that have arisen in Buffalo.”

Bishop Malone said repeatedly last week he had the support of a majority of parishioners and colleagues with no plans to step away.