As the summer comes to an end, many kids are either excited or dreading a new school year. 

But Girl Scouts are eager for fall to arrive with more than 200 programs to enjoy and 42 new badges to obtain.

"Those include badges in the STEM field, entrepreneur ship, outdoor. They also include badges that we have in conjunction with other partners in the local area who have agreed to do Girl Scout programming for us," said Amanda Dzierzanowski, Girl Scouts of WNY Manager of Girl Experience.

With such a wide variety of programs to choose from, there's something for everyone.

"Girls get a chance to really pick their path and decide what they want to do and kind of shape their own Girl Scout year and so just by doing that it helps girls to build their decision making skills, it helps them to learn skills that can transition with them,” Dzierzanowski said.

For Lianna Bochiechio, who will be graduating from Girl Scouts after 13 years, plans to use what she's learned as a scout when she goes to college for music education and Spanish.

"I think the skills I've learned in Girl Scouts will definitely help me in the professional world and I know that I'll definitely be an advocate for Girl Scouts," Bochiechio said.

But for now, she's most excited for the Fall Fest that the Girl Scouts get to plan and set up independently each year while also passing on tradition to the younger scouts. 

"For them to see us and for them to be like oh hey I want to do what they do or I wanna be like them when I'm a junior or a cadet or something,” she said.

To learn more about the new programs or how to join, Girl Scouts of Western New York will be holding a series of open houses in schools in the area.

You can also visit their website.