No one who visits the DripHouse will complain about being too cold.

As a bonus, they’re likely to walk out feeling at least a little better.

As the first therapeutic sweat lodge in the state, DripHouse opened in Pittsford two years ago, utilizing far infrared warming technology.

Now also open in Williamsville off of Main Street, co-owner Malisa Lougher wanted to create a space where guests can leave their worries at the door. 

"It's for stay-at-home moms, it's for people who work, it's for younger people, it's for athletes because it really helps with muscle recovery, it helps with a clientele that has rheumatoid arthritis for their joints or people with anxieties." said Lougher.

Before the hour-long session starts, guests are given a drip suit to put on. 

Once changed, they're brought into a private space that can be opened up if there’s a group of people with friends, and a drip staff member tucks them into bed under the infrared blanket.

"We tuck you in to a really beautiful bed,” Lougher said. “It has zero gravity settings, so your head is going to be up or down. It takes the weight off your pelvis so just that experience alone is very comfortable. You have the option of listening to music or watching Netflix.”

Staff checks in after 30 and 45 minutes in, and when the sweating really kicks in, they provide a cold towel for the guest’s head.  

Once the hour is up, "I feel great. Like yeah, I'm sweaty, but I feel like a whole new person, a whole new energy level, a whole new relaxation and it's just a whole new person when you come back out to the drip dry room," said Allie Valentine, a DripHouse employee.

The drip dry room is designed in a way that can turn strangers that might be trying this for the first time into friends that return together. 

Lougher said in a world where everyone is moving non-stop, it's good to take time for yourself but also get to know others. 

"We've really evolved into this culture where people connect in this little community, because we're all here for the same reason,” she said. “We’re all living the same life, we're all overwhelmed, we're all busy and to come here and have that love which we call the DripHouse, love where people actually care how you feel, care how you come in, care how you leave, it's really beautiful, for everyone.”

Drips start at $45, and they also offer a variety of specials and memberships. Appointments are recommended and can be made here.