In the town of Hamburg, applications for the diamond-shaped signs that read 'Child with Autism Area' are rolling in.

"It is a unique danger and parents of those children suffer a great deal of anxiety in caring for the kids with autism," said Town Supervisor James Shaw.

He says a resolution was passed to allow the posting of such signs following a process that began 18 months ago.

Signs for the blind, deaf and handicap already exist to curb injury, but many parents of autistic children are frustrated that the austism signs are not sanctioned by the state Department of Transportation.

"The State Department of Transportation has issued an advisory opinion to towns and villages throughout the state of New York that such a sign is not appropriate because it does not alert motorist specifically to what kind of danger is posed by autistic children," said Shaw.

Debbie Cordone is the founder of the Fantastic Friends of Western New York. Many members are raising autistic children.

"The risk is these kids can be very quick and unpredictable," said Cordone, of Cheektowaga. "They can dart quickly into the street! They don't understand danger."

The town of Hamburg became the fourth municipality in Erie County to adopt the autistic signs. The village of Hamburg will have its own discussion on how they plan to tackle the issue next.

Mayor Moses said the village will discuss it during a meeting Monday at 5:30 p.m.