Erick Hill's 6th birthday was nearly ruined, but thanks to some superheroes and every day heroes, the day was saved.

Jamia Jones, his mother had a great birthday planned for Thursday, but everything was destroyed when the family’s home burned.

After hearing about Erick’s birthday, members of Buffalo Fire Department Engine 33 stepped up to replace his party.

"It's been a rough couple of days trying to get him to go to the house without him thinking that it is going to catch on fire," Jones said. "He has just been really depressed because of his favorite Batman shoes. He watched them burn." 

Firefighters and the rest of the community showered Erick with new gifts on Sunday. The company also made Hill an honorary member.  

"Anytime you can step in and help out it really hits home," said John Otto, vice president of Local 282 Buffalo Professional Firefighters.

The fire department did not hold back in setting up a surprise party for Erick , his family and friends.

"He is like ecstatic right now," Jones said after Erick's favorite superhero, Batman, made an appearance.

Jones said she is thankful to the fire department for helping Erick create a memory of a lifetime while healing from a tragic one.

"We have a unique bond with the community," said BFD Commissioner William Renaldo. "We enjoy that we have a lot of respect and adoration for the community. We don't take that for granted. We go out there every day and earn that respect. "

Go Fund Me page has been set to help the family get back on their feet.