Last month, the Buffalo Zoo's greater one-horned rhino, Tashi, gave birth to her fourth calf, Mohan. 

Friday morning, the handsome little guy made his debut at the Buffalo Zoo.

Born at 123 pounds, he's already more than 200, growing at a rate of about four pounds a day.

The seven gallons of milk he drinks every 24 hours might have something to do with that.

He's just the third one-horned rhino born using artificial insemination through the Species Survival Plan, with two of the other three born at the Buffalo Zoo.  

"The Buffalo Zoo continues to be a leader in wildlife conservation and this demonstrates our leadership,” said Norah Fletchall, the zoo’s president and CEO. “We have been participating in this program for a number of years and so, by working closely with our zoo colleagues throughout the country, we are continuing to partner with them to use good science and provide great welfare for these animals. Not just Tashi and Mohan but all our animals we have here in our Buffalo Zoo.”

 As babies do, Mohan is staying close to mom Tashi's side after she gets tired from running in circles.

“It's just really interesting to see that instinct between the mom and the calf instantly, and just as the calf follows the mom around, so when everybody comes to the zoo to come see Mohan, you'll see Mohan not far behind Tashi,” said Joe Houser, the zoo’s assistant curator. “He's right at her ankles the whole time.”

It takes a male rhino about 10 years to be fully grown, and when that happens, they weigh in at about 6,000 pounds and grow to six feet tall.

Mohan will be growing up at the Buffalo Zoo for at least the next two to four years.