Easter is just three weeks away, but kids can visit the Easter bunny at the Walden Galleria, though a fun time for some kids can be stressful and overwhelming for others.

That is why a sensory friendly Easter Bunny event was held Sunday morning before the mall opened, for kids with any spectrum of special needs.

"It's easier for kids to come when it's not crowded or loud. Earlier there was music playing and we asked them to turn it off because some kids it's a trigger for them, so it's a lot easier for parents and kids to just relax and see the Easter bunny," said Priscilla Gil, the photographer at the event.

During the event, the smiles were contagious, as overjoyed parents got to watch their kids say cheese.

"As parents of kids with special needs, that is what we strive for everyday is inclusion for her, to be able to come in and enjoy special things like this just like any other kid would. But within her own comfort limits [it] is really important," said Amanda Malloy of Oakfield.

A sensory friendly event is also held around Christmas time with Santa Claus, and parents say they are happy to see more events like these being held.

"We are seeing a lot more of opportunities like this in our community and we are so excited and thankful. We wish there were more opportunities when she was little but just to see it kind of evolving through the years is awesome," Malloy said.

If you missed the event another will be held April 7 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., between the Apple and Clarks stores in the mall.