Hunger is what Meals on Wheels and the Food Bank of WNY have been working to prevent for years. After deciding they could be stronger as a combination, the two organizations decided to merge under the new name FeedMore WNY, and will pool their resources to nourish more people across the region.

"The need is great. In the case of children, as an example, one in six children have hunger needs," said Jerry Sheldon, Food Bank of WNY board chairman.

"We just looked at this and said, how can we take the resources each organization brings to the table, the talent, the opportunities? How do we leverage all those together to better serve the community," said Tara Ellis, Food Bank of WNY CEO.

FeedMore WNY will build on both organization's existing programs and plan to add new services like summer food programs for kids and mobile food pantries for area seniors.

"Make sure we're feeding and touching people of all ages from zero to 110 and that they aren't just getting food at select times of year, we want to feed them 365 days a year," said Ellis.

The new partnership will not only expand services but its workforce as well.

"We're going to need additional drivers, new pickers and selectors in the warehouse. We'll need a whole new team to help with our culinary and warehouse training programs," said Ellis.

The organization will begin operating under the new name immediately, but the merger still needs to be approved by the State Attorney General. That process could take up to one year.