The Metro Rail could eventually expand into parts of Amherst.

It's a move some say would greatly improve the area's transit system and residents' quality of life.

But not everyone is on-board.

People in Amherst voiced their concerns about the idea at a meeting with project managers Tuesday.

Most people who spoke at the meeting appeared unhappy with the proposal, citing many issues, including the proposed above-ground portion of the railway on Niagara Falls Boulevard. They believe that will create traffic issues.  

The NFTA wants to extend the existing Metro line from University Station on Main Street in Buffalo to Audubon Parkway in Amherst.

The 7.3 mile expansion would travel underground along Kenmore Avenue onto Niagara Falls Boulevard and would come back above ground just north of Kenilworth Avenue.

The NFTA says it welcomes the public’s input and is currently assessing the environmental, social and economic impact of the project.

“This process is critical to get the feedback from both the agencies and the public saying what those concerns are so we can address those as we move forward in the environmental process,” said Scot Sibert, a project consultant.

This is still a long time coming: project officials hope to finish the final environmental impact study by April of 2020 and all together the project isn't expected to be completed for another 10 years.

People are encouraged to share their thoughts on the project at NFTA’s website.