A federal employee from Hamburg is doing some national and international interviews, sharing his concern about his lack of a paycheck.

Adam Steigert works for the U.S. Treasury Department. His wife is also a federal employee.

He said they need to make some heating and plumbing repairs to their home and he is having surgery at the end of the month.

After tweeting out a photo of the coins he's rolling to make ends meet, Steigert did an interview with BBC World News.

"Out of the money that I ended up rolling a couple days ago, we only got $130,” he said. “Our paychecks are supposed to come out for Monday, this upcoming Monday, and I'm very worried."

Steigert said some of his bill providers are being responsive to his situation, but others say they need to be paid.

He told the BBC he may have to go back to work, without a paycheck, to handle tax refunds.