Renovate New Era Field or build a shiny new stadium in downtown Buffalo for the Bills? The NFL franchise is not only posing that question to fans in an online survey, but through the questions posed, is giving a look at its idea playbook.

Issues like parking and a fixed roof on a new stadium come up, and tailgating, a tradition in Orchard Park which some fans fear would dry up with a downtown move, gets its own question.

Premium seating such as loge boxes, which are essentially small open-air suites, and standing room-only "social gathering places" are asked about, as are controversial Personal Seat Licenses, or PSLs. These are, "a one-time fee that gives the buyer 'ownership' of a given seat for a period of time (e.g., 30 years) and the opportunity to transfer or sell these rights in the secondary market to other fans."

In addition to the survey, the Bills state the franchise plans on conducting focus groups in the near future.